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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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What leftists cannot seem to comprehend is that x (the amount of people who want and are willing to move to a Western country) exceeds y (the amount of people that Western countries can sustainably welcome)

How easy it must be to ignore this dilemma, advocate for more immigration and call anyone who disagrees a fascist.
But that is exactly the point, we are seeing the world swing from centrist and tolerant to right wing and intolerant. Regardless of the current global situation, where we are seeing far more inequality between Southern nations and the West. While here in our luxury we demand more and more from the worlds resources to fund our lavish lifestyles. I don't mean to say that developing countries are also not to blame, but we in the West contribute inexorably to what we are seeing. So like Lords of the Manor overlooking our serfdoms we continue to exacerbate the problem by demanding more resources, whether its to build our electronics or for our Sushi platters or beef steak.

Again Kriss Kross, you are part of the accepting population, you agree that your world is a better place when it has more control over the general population and total control of movement of the population, you can't see what the implications of this is to other people, to those who live on or below the poverty threshold, those that don't share your world outlook, religous or political views. The latter is going to be interesting in the coming years as more and more information based on algorithms is compiled to build pictures of individuals in the population. That data will be used, and it already is being used in countries like China and probably Russia to control dissent. It is only a step away from adoption by our own right-swaying Western and still democratic governments. The topic is in the papers and weeklies constantly.

You are not a fascist Kriss Kross, you are intolerant, but you support a fascist view regarding that topic, immigration, because you are strongly against immigration of certain demographic of people that doesn't match your view of how your society should be.

I could get slightly philosophical with you on the topic, but I fear its in one eye and out the bum.

btw. I have never said there isn't a huge problem with the migration of people from South to North that needs to be addressed by all nations. But we are too busy being told to be intolerant by the likes of Trump and people like yourself to try and figure out how to fix it.
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