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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Why that? Are they afraid of power shifts that might favour a different negotiating policy?

Better have Verhoffstad twist May's arm now because we don't want Corbyn to have to face down Krisztina Morvai or whoever after the next elections?

Don't think so somehow.
The EU would hate to have to negotiate with Corbyn, this is no secret.

Remind me which campaign was Project Fear..?

Don't know whether to be more embarrassed about the nation's con merchants and charlatans running the country or the sad gammons who rabidly lapped all this stuff up and voted Leave on the strength of it.
Things are getting pretty drastic when the very party that permitted Brexit no longer talks of "project fear" and now envisages stockpiling food and a 50 year recovery period.

Whatever happened to "the easiest deal in history", "sunny uplands" and "350m a week for the NHS"?
Whatever happened to the "punishment budget", "Recession starting Sept 2016" and "500k-800k job losses"?

Bullshit given out by both sides, but you still keep banging on about the NHS.

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Like I said before some people's hatred of the EU is more important to them than the impact it will have on their country..... the typical BREXIT attitude.
Yup, because in 50 years the UK will be laughing. Think of it as a present to our grand children. Short term pain, long term gain.
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