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Re: Sharing experience on car export to EU

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I wanted to export my car from switzerland to Eu and since it was quite complicated here are few lessons learned shared to anyone who want's the same.

-It is cheaper to export with Swiss plates. You can drive the car in the destination and then return the plates. Getting export plates from registration office is quite expensive.
-Ordering German export plates from internet needs German inspection. If you need to return your Swiss plates this is a good option (if you anyway plan to inspect your car, depends of your destination I guess).
-Custom opening hours are not synchronized with the forwarding-agent business hours. We went Saturday but the agents did not do private import/exports on Saturday. Customs did not know about that, so we managed to export the car but not import.
-Customs can open 5am but the agents open at 7 etc.
-It does not matter where you are taking your car in EU, you can import it in the German customs. You have to pay VAT so if your country has higher tax rate then it makes sense to import in Germany.
-You cannot export/import for yourself if the sales paper of the car says you bought it to CH. You need to create a pro-forma sale paper to an EU address (They willl ask do that in the customs and it does not need to be too complicated).
-If your car is valuated under 6000Eur it should be possible to avoid the customs payment (10%) BUT ONLY if it is written in the sales document that it was originally imported from EU.
-Reported car value is checked by the German Customs against a database (or autoscout/mobile)

The procedure (at least in Koblenz/WT customs):
-In the border, ask for a 'rote karte' from the truck station (a tall toll-boot). If you don't have it in the customs zone, you need to pay 15e fine. There might be no-one in the boot so you can argue and they will let you go 'this one time'.
-Drive to customs Zone. There you need to drive thru a waiting zone to get another ticket which you need when you drive to the Customs area.
-There are both CH and DE customs at same building. Agents are in a separate building.
-You might want to try to export your car in the CH desk of customs but they might not want to do it and ask you to go to agents.
-Go to the agents building and ask if any office is willing to do the paperwork. There are several that you can chose from. This will cost you 70-120e depending if you have managed to export your car or not.
-Agents will send you to customs to do paying and decisions. Go to do that.
-After the payment go back to agents and get your paperwork.
-Each time you enter or leave the customs area you need to have the rote karte stamped in the customs. Even if you do not do anything. You are not let out otherwise.

Hope This Helps someone with similar plans
Hello Piizei,

Thanks for providing the great information! I am hoping that you can answer my question. I've recently brought my car (that I bought in Switzerland 2 years ago with about 5000 CHF) to Spain, and since it was too late (7pm or so) when I passed the border, I couldn't do anything there. My plan is to sell this car in Spain (or my wife might have to sell it because I am not going to live in Spain but she does, and I am moving to Iceland). I am wondering if you know what I have to do on the Swiss side, such as returning the plate and so on.

To explain a bit more on my situation, I am still now in Zurich (I flew back to Zurich from Spain after driving there), and I am going to Spain next week for vacation and come back to Zurich the week after, so I can bring back the Swiss plate if necessary.

I would really appreciate it if you can answer.

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