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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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Not at all, I am not far left, I am just not tolerant of racism, while I respect freedom of speech I don’t accept hate speech or racism in any form and I am saddened to see it appear constantly on English Forum through a few bigoted individuals, those individuals hide behind the premise of free speech and declare that they are only stating facts pertaining to immigration, that is fine but it is a constant stream of right wing justification using dubious sources and statistics skewed to suit their political agenda. When they are challenged on these “facts” they get equally defensive.

I couldn’t think of anything I would rather not do then be on the same room as some of the people on this thread.

But cheers for the thought.
I agree with you - by definition you are not far left since you seem to own a house in the UK and extract rent from it. By rent seeking according to Marxist dogma you would be a class traitor and therefore deserving of the punishment of the proletariat.

However I have some PMs from you which would suggest that you are prone to violence and the below suggests that you are an apologist for theft at the very least. One only has to look at frequent riots in St. Denis to understand the absolute devastation such ideas lead to.

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It doesn't mean they are not going to arrest suspects, especially if they know who it is or the witness does.

If there is no witness or the crime did not involve violence i.e. robbery with threats. Then its a waste of resources and manpower to solve. Someone stole your wheelbarrow from your garden for example, then its kind of tough shit, but there is not enough money or officers to scour the neighbourhood asking questions so the time is better spent tracking down serious criminals.

Its only going to get worse post Brexit as there'll less job opportunties and money and probably lots of unemployed Bankers and wealth management specialists turning to crime to support their coke habits. Oh wait they do that already...
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