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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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I agree with you - by definition you are not far left since you seem to own a house in the UK and extract rent from it. By rent seeking according to Marxist dogma you would be a class traitor and therefore deserving of the punishment of the proletariat.

However I have some PMs from you which would suggest that you are prone to violence and the below suggests that you are an apologist for theft at the very least. One only has to look at frequent riots in St. Denis to understand the absolute devastation such ideas lead to.
Let's be honest, you are projecting and talking nonsense there. Nothing you quote suggests he is prone to violence at all.

I am sure you feel police resources could be used better in some situations. For example in my native Scotland, huge resources are poured into tracking down people who sing objectionable songs. I feel that is a huge waste of resources - let the scumbags who do it get on with it, and we'll be able to identify and avoid them ourselves.
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