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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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Not at all, I am not far left, I am just not tolerant of racism, while I respect freedom of speech I don’t accept hate speech or racism in any form and I am saddened to see it appear constantly on English Forum through a few bigoted individuals, those individuals hide behind the premise of free speech and declare that they are only stating facts pertaining to immigration, that is fine but it is a constant stream of right wing justification using dubious sources and statistics skewed to suit their political agenda. When they are challenged on these “facts” they get equally defensive.

I couldn’t think of anything I would rather not do then be on the same room as some of the people on this thread.

But cheers for the thought.
People who don't think like you = "racists!"

Still, waiting for your facts.

Let's chill a bit:

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