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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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Seeing, according to Muslims, it was a Muslim who discovered Alcohol


a) The Prophet had foreseen that discovery and banned the substance before it was even known (in which case, how do we know this was the substance he was referring to)
b) The ban was posthumously inserted after the discovery (in which case, on whose authority?)
c) The ban on alcohol is not quite as specific as is often implied, and is more a hand sweeping general damnation of all mood altering susbstances, which raises the question of whether Muslims can use pain killers, methadone and such.
I'd say c) is closest to the truth. The consensus of Muslims I know who don't drink (I'd say purely anecdotally of people I know, it's maybe 50 / 50 between those that do and don't) is that they believe it is improper to be intoxicated, as you are not properly able to appreciate Allah's work and give praise to him if you aren't in your right mind - it is disrespectful to him. So, of course, it's not just alcohol, but anything that leads to intoxication. Pain meds seem to be OK though.
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