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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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I'm more amazed at the people's ability to ask so many personal questions. I know or I assume which religion people I know (to a certain degree) have, but wouldn't even cross my mind to ask them how religious they are or what's their intake on religion. I usually want to discuss about other things with them.

Anyways, discussing with different people of a certain religion doesn't make anyone an expert on a particular group, just saying.
A few years ago, I was quite curious about Islam and actually went through a phase of considering conversion. My openness to the religion must have been apparent, because Muslims of all kinds of persuasions couldn't wait to share their interpretations of the religion with me.

Some of what I heard was beautiful and wise. Some of it - to my English secular ears - was appalling. One Sufi with whom I shared a bottle of Chivas Regal had a more liberal theology than the agnostic to whom he was talking.

Combined with the extensive reading I did at the time, I learnt a lot. None of it, in the end, was actually any use to me.

So it goes.
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