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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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“Three years ago we filled nearly 5,000 jobs [with Romanians]. This year we’ll probably fill 3,000, 3,500,” he says. “In June I spent about $2,000 on Facebook ads [for recruits]. Last year we didn’t have to spend any.”

British farms have long relied on eastern Europe for seasonal labour, and in recent years the workers have overwhelmingly come from newer EU member states such as Romania and Bulgaria.
However, owing to Brexit, the weakened pound and strong economies elsewhere on the continent, farms in the UK are less enticing prospects, and recruiters are struggling to fill their order books while also needing to raise their fees.


Similar situation to the US, where there is also a strong need for unskilled manual workers who are easily discouraged by negative conditions.
Perhaps if farmers offered decent pay and conditions they might find more people willing to work for them?

I can't imagine unionised workers being happy to squat in a filthy caravan for weeks at a time.
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