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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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His parents were Libyan refugees. He was brought up and raised in their household, with their heritage, religion, beliefs, etc.. He obviously felt a connection to the country of Libya, enough to go and fight there for ISIS. And then to die killing British, who he seemed to hold in regard as enemies. You don't see any connection there at all? You see him as just any other Brit growing up in Manchester? Ok, I guess we all see things from different perspectives....maybe there is some truth to both. But most kids from Manchester don't randomly go fight for ISIS, do they?
Had you read the article, it makes it clear that his parents had nothing to do with his radicalisation (except perhaps they were refugees and therefore placed in a poor, disaffected housing estate), but that it was a group of local men from a notorious nearby mosque who recruited and radicalised him.

It seems to me his parents legitimately came over, fleeing the Gaddafi regime, so trying to deligitimise their asylum is a bit poor really. The kid was born in the UK, went to school in the UK and fell into the wrong crowd (who security services knew about, incidentally), so let's not pretend it was to do with his parents' refugee status.
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