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Re: All about Muslims (in the wake of terrorist attacks in Europe)

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Where do people mock Christians?

Nope, sorry complaining about church bells doesn’t count!

Parnell you and Kriss Kross and Capo, incessantly come on this Forum to post your distaste of immigrants, of which you are all!
None of us have "distaste" for anyone - but those who come here and take more than they give back to society - usually on false pretences. Every country has their own unproductive folks - none of them need or have a responsibility to take any more.

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Well I still think the only good fascist is a dead fascist!
Replace the word "fascist" with the word "socialist" if it is so difficult for you to see that such opinions are those of a violent thug.

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So what, are you a fascist then Parnell or would you have supported them in the 1930s? I assume you would have been on the side of Mussolini and Hitler then. Quite frankly I am extremely glad they didn’t win the war. Maybe you should tootle off back to your Hitler shrine.
Assume what you like - I have written extensively here that I favour a data driven society - if Irish people were behaving like drunken louts/ extracting benefits / causing crime in any society then they should suffer additional barriers to their entry in that same society.

Such a society of course is neither right nor left - but mercilessly fair.

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