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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Underpaid in their host country but highly paid versus their home country; the model seems to be they send money home or save money and then later return to their home country with a much better financial status.

Of course it is not only the EU that does this.
They don't send that much money because everything is expensive in the countries they earn those money. When the do succede to do that it is at the expense of their health - they live in very difficult conditions provided by the employer, work many extra-hours, they miss out their children development and all this scheme to attract Eastern Europeans to jobs that are often under their qualifications has left a lot of dramas in their communities. I don-t agree with you that this story has only positive sides.

Secondly, lots of local businesses had gone down the drain because of the lack of qualified but also unskilled force labour in their native countries. What is better for a country - have their own economy or provide work force for others? In Romania for instance there is an acute worker crisis, I heard they employ people from countries like Vietnam, China, Bangladesh. Same EU companies who initially refused paying better salaries to the locals, but were then forced to bring in other people. It is a mess because it has multiple repercussions on the humane level, whereas you see people like merchandises and not as parents or children of someone. Do you want me to show you pictures with sad EE countryside babushkas waiting for the son and daughter that should have been their help when old? Neve never did it happen such a tragedy at this scale (empty villages), not even when we were under ruthless empires. Hmm, how do they say - the way to hell is paved with good intentions. But who cares about those ers, eh. Pardon my French.

Not to mention that, as EE even as a prestige immigrant you're always somehow looked down at, "yeah yeah you're OK but but you're from those countries ". C'mon, marton. Nobody is naive anymore. Unfortunately people are still trapped into this scheme due to more complexes issues. But it's sad, really sad, trust me. On a whole at least, not talking about particular cases. Don't bring me the argument how the West has saved us, no they took advantages of us in various degrees, usually according to some racist criteria.

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