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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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So back to Brexit because I think some will never understand my point....what happened? A couple of years ago most people here were pretty favourable to it and were sick of EU. Is losing all these privileges not all of us have by virtue of being an EU citizen such a scary perspective? Why?

You either get your Swiss citizenship if you want to stay here for the rest of your life or get back to your home country when you don't have a job anymore due to retirement or unemployment or whatever.
Now I get it that we all have kids or families and if they'll probably (naturally) choose CH over our home countries we'd like to stick around for them, but then again, everybody can travel relatively easily these days. EU didn't help me to get here, and it will definitely not be a reason to stay here.

It's very confusing. What happened? I don't mean parnell and loz who should first check their facts. It was a general atmosphere.
I don't think anything happened. We are still going around in circles revisiting the same arguments. Some people may have changed their opinions slightly, but yeah, good for them. Most people haven't changed their opinions but are maybe becoming temporarily more or less vocal in pronouncing them.

The only constant is change, and things are always changing. Sometimes a bit more and sometimes a bit less. But the change is there. We grow into old phobies and realize we don't approve of the way young people dress or the music they listen to, while forgetting that our parents and grandparents didn't approve much of what we did when we were that age. The world changes. We adapt. Sometimes it's the bad things we are happy we can wave goodbye to. Sometimes we must shed a tear as the good things go too. The solution is not a reactionary clinging onto the past and seeking to preserve things that are already dead. No matter how hard we try, the EU won't go back to being what it was under Schuhmann. Waxing nostalgia doesn't excuse us from facing the future.

We could right now be having a wonderful discussion. What sort of country do we want to be post Brexit? What sort of society do we want to be? Technically, everything could be up for discussion. Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to re-carve our destiny. But instead there is just anger and tears and hate.
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