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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

This argument could quite rightly be used by either side of the fence. People desperate to go back to the good old days before the EU. Jumpers for goalposts, everything in feet and inches, no brown faces, British Made, Ruling the Waves. Specsavers must be doing a roaring trade in rosy-tinted retro-specs.
My point exactly. Those accusing others of being driven by nostalgia may be blind to their own nostalgia.

History is a process of constant change. Those who think it is about striving for some sort of ideal situation, and when that is achieved, freezing all further change, fall into the trap of becoming reactionaries.

Anything which is in such a dire and disorganised mess led by a team of incompetent, back-stabbing and power hungry politicians driven by self-interest cannot be trusted to produce a good result.
Politicians are always back-stabbers. That's the type of people who are attracted to power.

The Magna Carta was drafted by a rich and not particularly pleasant bunch of barons who got angry when they learnt that the king was abridging their hunting and fishing rights and making them pay more taxes. They got together as the ugly backstabbing mob that they were and forced the king at swordpoint to sign a document that later generations were to hail as a milestone in establishing the rights of the common people, rule of law, human rights and all the rest of it.

Sometimes even back stabbers can be useful.

You say that "technically" everything could be up for discussion, which suggests a rudderless course. "Technically" in a non-technical discussion is the word used when straws are being clutched at. A desperate lunge for "it could be if everyone agrees with this".
A blank sheet can be interpreted as rudderless. It can also be seen as an opportunity to bring everyone together and have a frank discussion about what to put on that sheet. Risk and opportunity are two sides of the same coin. But anybody not joining that discussion is leaving space for others who may seek other solutions.
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