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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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But for that to work, many more people, including those who opposed Brexit, need to swallow their pride and come forward and take part in that discussion and table innovative proposals. They are achieving nothing by slamming the door on that discussion because they are still so sad and angry that they lost. Now is the time for that discussion. Further down the road, when much more is set in stone, it is much more difficult to come back and change things.
Oh come on, that's a tired old drum you are banging there. Even the pro-Brexit Daily Mail was reporting today that around half of the Remainer voters polled are resigned to the fact it's going to happen. The reasons they are NOT happy is because it's being so recklessly handled.

It's nothing to do with being "sad and angry" and all about having a generous serving of realism.

Brexiters crowing about Remainers being "sad and angry" achieves nothing and just adds to the ill feeling, and perhaps they need to get over

ETA - just look at the title of the poll, though: "Right now, I no longer care how or when we leave the European Union, I just want it over and done with."
How did the UK get into that defeatist, bleak and frankly tragic state? What a heartbreaking thing to ask a population.

We live in "exciting times"? If that's exciting, I'd hate to see it when it takes a downturn.
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