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Re: Jeremy Corbyn refuses to denounce terrorist 'friends' Hamas and Hezbollah

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I meant legitimate. Would you consider voting for a party led by rape-friendly politician ?
Sorry but if you want a free and fair debate, questions like this which is a stupidly loaded rhetorical statement is not the way to go about it.

Here is the likely outcome:

I reply "Yes" and you consider you have carte blanche to then beat me around the forum saying I condone rape.
I reply "No" then you consider you have carte blanche to then beat me around the forum quoting selective bits of my earlier posts to make it look like I have changed my mind.

Call me long in the tooth but this is the direction that questions like this take on this forum. Always.

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The incumbent government didn't bring the country to a meltdown (see Turkish thread), UK economy is doing quite well. of course, not all people benefit equally. The alternative Corbyn offers will lead to economical disaster as it did in the many countries it was tried in the past.
Well that's one point of view. People are free to vote how they want in the UK. If the Tories float their boat then they vote for them. If Labour is more their thing then so be it. Don't know what happened to the LibDems but if they were around, perhaps that would be more yours or my thing.
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