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Re: Thanks anti-vaxxers, you twats

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Then don't put it in " ", please!

I could make an endless list of all the unpleasant things I went through in my childhood and I tell you, they were much worse than the measles. I learnt to just get through them. Looking back, it was a pretty good idea.

Ok, so for you, other things were far more unpleasant than measles. But if a kid dies from measles, a pregnant woman looses her fetus, or someone just ends up disabled, then measles are bad for those people. So a good idea for you doesnít apply to others in different risk situations.

Iím old enough to have had all the childhood diseases - measles, mumps, chicken pox, rubella - before vaccines were available. And sure, none of them were that bad. But I grew up in a nice middle class home with good sanitation, a strong immune system and chicken soup.

Not everyone was so lucky.
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