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Re: Thanks anti-vaxxers, you twats

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Yet it isn't mandatory.
And I'm not trying to convince anybody of anything either. Except: Take your own decision. No idea why this is so un-understandable.
I think we all have a certain responsibility toward other people, even if we know nothing about them. If there's a way to avoid horrendous diseases -- and yes, measles, for example, can be horrendous -- afflicting others in the world because you have taken action to protect not only them but also yourself, at minimum risk to yourself... why wouldn't you do that?

This is part of what sets humans apart from other animals.

In case you were wondering, this is what smallpox used to look like. Sorry if the image disturbs or disgusts you. I thought it preferable to showing a child who had died from the disease. I can't imagine why anybody would prefer to see smallpox still infecting children.

It's not cool to refuse vaccinations just because one can, to make some political point about personal sanctity. Maybe it's just me, and I'm not getting something that's obvious to everybody else.
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