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Re: Thanks anti-vaxxers, you twats

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Yet it isn't mandatory.
And I'm not trying to convince anybody of anything either. Except: Take your own decision. No idea why this is so un-understandable.
Whether or not you get a flu jab or other vaccine that only protects you is your decision. The ones which are hotly debated here are the ones for which almost the entire community must be vaccinated in order to protect its members. Therefore it ceases to be a personal decision and is instead an important public health measure, like public sanitation and health inspectors.

rant/ In addition to the much higher child mortality rates that have already been mentioned, serious child morbidity was also much higher. Birth defects used to be really common and not at all random; outbreaks of rubella inevitably led to a larger percentage of live births with neurological and other deficits. Even if the mother had had the vaccine and was asymptomatic, the presence of the virus during certain fetal developmental periods caused severe birth defects. Therefore the rubella vaccine is now deemed mandatory, regardless of whether the disease is severe or virulent, or if the survival rate is high in adults and children. The vaccine is only useful to the vulnerable population if the circulating incidence of the virus is nearly 0. This means EVERYONE who are medically able should be vaccinated.

Seriously, it's called *public* health for a reason. /rant
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