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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Final polls on the referendum were close to 50:50 so the result was (just) within the margin of error. Similar story on the election, the polls closed up as the campaign progressed.

Last poll I saw on Brexit indicated 60:40 against no-deal. Well above the margin for error.
Last poll I saw on Brexit indicated the UK would vote the same way:

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Less than a third of the people (about a third of all voters) voted for Brexit. Overwhelming.

By your reckoning, the British people want a Labour government (well maybe that's not so far off), as they voted on this in 2005, remember? So how come there's been a Conservative government ever since 2010? Oh yeah, the people were asked their opinion again and, would you believe it, with the passage of time and new information available, they changed their mind!

Extraordinary stuff. And you know what, if they change their mind again at the next general election, the government will change again. So what makes you think that the Brexit question is so special that democratic conventions shouldn't be applied to resolve it?
Imagine comparing general elections to a referendum.

The irony of people who are bleating that there shouldn't be a second EU referendum because it subverts democracy then can't see the huge ragged hole they blow in their own point of view because they forget that the PM called for a vanity snap election barely TWO years after the scheduled General Election.

Or is everyone worried that a second EU referendum would blow up in their faces like the snap election did?
I'm all for a second vote. The Remainer tears when the UK votes in the same way would be too good for words. And as I've said before, in the worst case we could just ignore the result, which is what the Remainers want to do now.
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