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Re: foraging for wild mushrooms..

At last, foraging season is upon us. Until now, it was far too dry- but apparently it is all happening out there in t'forests. Will go for my first foray this afternoon- so lucky to have inherited all my dad's favourite spots aka 'coins' around here.

With a bit of luck I'll get a few bolets (Steinpilze/porcini), Millers, and possibly others, like parasols. See how it goes.

I have tons of books in both English and French- but at the end of the day, you can't beat 'on the ground' knowledge and experience.

For anyone near Neuchâtel, there is an expert mushroom checker on duty every Sunday morning for next few months, at the Botanical Gardens- it is a great place to visit anyhow- with the Dürrenmatt centre right above- and the magnificent views from the restaurant a bit further up in Chaumont- always the best and clearest views of the Alps on a sunny crisp autumn day.

Shall be near Monte Amiata in Tuscany next week - and there are 100s of sellers along the roads- at ridiculous prices. Perso I don't like Italian porcinis- they are too soggy, like the ceps from South of France. I like the Jura ones, tight and dense like a drum- a different species altogether.

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