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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Evertbody in Zurich pays some tax, regardless of income the amount is 24 chf IIRC. I think it's a good idea like the poll tax in the UK that got scrapped.

Voting on spending other peoples' money, is something I find unacceptable, everybody should pay something if they want a say in how money is spent.

You will still be a net tax payer next year even if you pay zero, last years & the x years before are counted in 'net' taxpayer.

But we're not talking about Zurich, rather a hypothetical UK situation. AFAIK, the lowest earners in UK pay no tax only NI. This is still a contribution to the state.

How can net taxation be a cumulative/ average thing when tax in the UK is sorted annually?

As for the university fee thing... hasn't been free for 20 years. I paid my own way. Thrice. Doesn't make it right.

I also , as a state teacher, have been subject to more "I pay your wages" comments than I care to remember. Often from folk whose tax contribution is likely less than mine. The amount of tax I pay, I reckon I'm almost paying my own wages.
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