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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

StirB - no need to waste time on this, The organisation/Charity had just asked for donations for their new film- and OH was unhappy about the payment method - it was paid via a friend who lives in that country who owed me money. Easy peasy. No issue with us paying with IBan or Paypal - but of course this is absolutely and totally irrelevant to this thread. Cheers.
You absolutely had a problem with paying by IBAN, let me remind you of the inconsistencies from the other thread. Really no idea if you paid or not.

Eddie Izzard has done so well, my 100 CHF will go to his chosen charity if and when.
Made it clear, no more betting.

I rustled with my conscience for quite some time, and decided not to support the charity mentionned as I truly do not approve of private education academies sprouting all over the UK. Money was paid to the other charity I mentionned therefore, the Imad foundation in France.
Well for once you are right- I haven't paid. Just in case you haven't noticed (and thanks for the good wishes btw)- I've been otherwise engaged fighting another, very painful battle. I have not paid because OH refuses to pay by IBAN in case of security issues, and the only other option is by cheque, which is not possible from CH, as you well know.

My French friend was on holiday last 2 weeks- and I shall pay her cash in exchange for a cheque for 100 + 50 (out of goodwill due to mis-understanding about which part of the post my 'yes' replied to). That will go on Thursday.

Call me a liar, with your tweedle dum friend from Glasgow- I truly don't care.
Last time I bought a Lottery ticket must have been over 30 years ago- and I never bet, on principle. In this case you pushed me into it and I was stupid enough to let you- but I shall be proud to contribute to Latifa's fabulous word- so thank you. Despicable.
I didn't think I had to give you dates and explain why, although it was agreed to be paid in principle, due to my friends holiday the cheque will actually go on Thursday as she had to cancel last Thursday's lessons at last minute.

But I paid up all the same and quite a bit more... but FMF will never, ever see a receipt and can't trace the payment as it was done by a French friend who owed me money. Ironically it was 50 % for a film and 50% to the Imad association. I would have paid the money in any case, such a great cause.
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