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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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For someone who compares the allegations against Kavenaugh with the Salem trials you are surprisingly happy to make all kinds of whataboutery accusations and to raise irrelevant issues about the other main characters.

It is totally irrelevant what Avenatti is or is not and the timing of the allegations is also totally irrelevant.

Relevant is are the allegations valid or not. Without a proper police investigation we will probably never know!
Aww Martin! You disappoint me... This not good from a Lecturer! It is completely relevant who Avenatti is and his past - notwithstanding current clientele (why would Dems of all people back off from his client's salacious allegations?)

And timing? You must be joking!! Of course timing is relevant. The accusers allege an offense which supposedly occurred 30 plus years ago... Why wait until now? How can you argue that timing is not an issue?

Notwithstanding, Feinstein's timing in releasing Dr Ford's accusation. Why wait until just before the Senate confirmation? Why won't Ford release her therapist's notes to the Senate Judiciary Committee? She released them to the Washington Post so why not release them to the Committee?

Sorry...too many holes here and I will be very curious as to what will happen tomorrow.

Again, if Kavanaugh is guilty of the alleged offenses then he must pay. But the accuser must present evidence to support her accusation...