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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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Sorry but I disagree! Graham was extremely effective and both Ford and Kavanaugh were impressive in their testimony. Both came off as believable but as Ford does not have witnesses and those she cited as potential witnesses refuted her claim, think they will vote for Kavanaugh. But who knows?
By "off the rails" I meant that he was so animated, shouting, red-faced, and totally lost his temper at a colleague during a televised hearing - something very uncharacteristic for Graham. He's normally the friendly, smiling, let's all get along type. Boring, friendly Lindsay doesn't garner much media attention. The guy who showed up to the hearing had some fire in his belly - he's all over the news today!

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I think Feinstein is lying here...
It does make you wonder, doesn't it? Feinstein didn't dare to look at Graham as he was filleting her like a fish with his words. The question is, what would be gained by her and/or the Democrats with such a tactic? Why wait so long and not try to torpedo the nomination from the start?

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If I was being falsely accused of a sexual assault from 36 years ago which was now putting my career in jeopardy I'd probably be whining about it too.
Thing is, his career isn't truly in jeopardy. If he's not confirmed, he is still a judge on one of the highest courts in the land - just not on THE highest court. I suppose one could argue that getting on the Supreme Court is the highest rung of a judge's career ladder, but the idea he's going to lose out something he's entitled to or that his overall career is ruined is not true.

Why not let the FBI investigate? As best I can tell this is a he-said/she-said from 36 years ago. I doubt there's any evidence sufficient enough to lead to criminal charges.
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