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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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You can't ask Brexiteers to actually think, can you?
It's only now that the true impact of Brexit is coming to the fore and nobody, not even the Remain side thought through ALL of the implications. Remain was weak in that it was just trying to discredit the Leave argument which, let's face it, was like shooting fish in a barrel. Boris? Farage? Gove? The famous bus? Hilarious clickbait and endless low-hanging fruit for satirists everywhere!

It was all easy pickings to ridicule and not much really went into forming a proper tactical opposition to it, at least on a voter-level. Yes, of course people could go hunting for the information themselves but I'm not sure most people did, preferring the served-on-a-plate Punch and Judy show as an entertaining but vacuous sideshow.

I remember watching a Question Time one night a few weeks before the referendum and that was the only time I can remember hearing about the Irish border and possible consequences but that was only fleeting and got drowned out by the more juicy subjects, those tasty nuggets which kept the papers and their readership foaming at the mouth.
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