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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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But that is not how they see it. They see it having voted for a better future for the country and its citizens. And would argue that you are putting your own interests before the country by voting remain.
This is what I find most frustrating. I voted in good faith. I presume that everyone else did the same, regardless of which side of the fence they eventually landed on. I found some of the Remainer bullshit just as frustrating as some of the Brexiter bullshit, but in the end we all had to make our decision and we were all entitled to do so.

One of my oldest friends is a full-on European Federalist. She lives and breathes the EU: her business is largely based in Brussels, she lives in another EU country, her husband and children will continue to be EU citizens after next March, but most importantly of all, she really, genuinely believes that a united European federal state is the best future for the continent. I utterly disagree with her position, but I totally respect her for it.

Others I know voted to Remain because the were worried about their research funding drying up, or being expelled from Switzerland, or losing their cheap roaming deals when they went on holiday. No matter how selfish, cynical or shallow their reasons might have seemed from my point of view, I still respect them for voting as they thought best.

Unfortunately, this sentiment does not seem to be at all reciprocated. Some of the personal insults I received when I was outed as a "Brexiter" were shocking. As well as patronising comments about my apparent intelligence, there were several nasty things said - by good old friends - with reference to my background and social class (as sad as it was, it was interesting how people really showed their true colours when push came to shove). Very few of my friends - who were almost entirely Remain supporters - could get their heads round the fact that I sincerely, genuinely believed that membership of the EU was a bad thing for the United Kingdom - a belief which I came to very late, and after an awful lot of reading, having begun the decade as a largely pro-EU kind of a chap and having gradually become disenchanted with various aspects of the organisation, before spending a solid two or three days of reading pages and pages of the EU's own material in preparation for casting my vote. To put it in a nutshell: I do not wish to be a citizen of the European Union.

I don't have another nationality. My entire extended family is English and lives in England. I am at risk of expulsion from Switzerland in the future and have potentially closed the door to thousands of jobs from Dalmatia to Dublin. This is big stuff for all of us. When people blithely suggest that I cast my vote for selfish reasons, or because I was ill-informed, or because I'm stupid or racist or shortsighted or whatever, it drives me up the wall. I respect their reasons - why can't they respect mine?

It was my right, after all. I was invited, as a British citizen, to vote - and I voted.
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