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Re: Internationa bank transfer - money "lost" or "blocked"

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Oh, would that I were! Then I might have a string of nice law degrees behind me, and wouldn't need so much input from here, nor be so glad of the many contrasting opinions, and of the posts, for example by aSwissInTheUS, Mullhollander and Urs Max, (and many others) who post the links to the actual laws and rules relevant to a situation.

The "Person A and Person B" format is because I believe in protecting the privacy of the people I know, whose questions I am asking. We've had other threads on this forum (and on others) which, in my opinion, have gone way too far in revealing intimate details about persons who could be traced. Some posters do that about their own lives, some do it about the private lives of other people, mostly simply from not having thought through the significance and longevity of publicly viewable online information. My "Persons" are deliberately anonymised such that no-one could identify (and hurt) those individuals about whose situations I'm enquiring. In addition, I find that this approach helps me to formulate my questions more clearly than they might otherwise have been.
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Having met Doropfiz recently, I can attest that while she is not some legal advisor, she is a very kind person who goes out of her way to help others.

And she is very good at finding stuff out and working out Swiss bureaucracy!


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