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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

But the point is that, within the EU, that was NOT necessary until now.

What about health care- what are they supposed to do about it? As it was covered by reciprocal agreement, because they paid for it via the UK system all their lives- and certainly not budgeted for- and this combined with great loss of revenue due to falling pound. I am not asking about myself, here in CH - but for those who carefully planned their move from and to the EU.

And yes, they may well be 'forced' to move back to UK in droves - because pension at such low value my no longer be sufficient, and health care not available, unless at massive cost. Try to apply for private insurance when over 60 with multiple pre-exisiting conditions. You can in Switzerland - but not in other countries.
Nothing is guaranteed even within the EU. I'm sure retirees in Greece are chuffed to bits with the standard of local health services since the economy collapsed a decade ago. I'm sure retirees in Cyprus were delighted when the government removed money from their bank accounts at short notice a couple of years back.

Shit happens with or without the EU. Nothing is guaranteed for anyone.
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