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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

You're correct, of course. What we know how is that she has native American ancestry, but from which particular nation, it's impossible to prove through DNA testing.

I've no idea, and nor do you. Perhaps she was and still is simply proud of her ancestry. It seems somewhat racist to me to suggest that an outwardly "white woman" would not claim indigenous heritage if there were no advantage to be gained. Amazingly, I'm quite happy to claim Welsh and Irish ancestry, even though there's no tangible benefit to me to do so.
She wasn't claiming "indigenous heritage". She was actively ticking boxes that asserted that she was a member of an ethnic minority at the time of ticking. This meant that she had a little star next to her name on the national database of whatever. This meant that her employers could point to her as an example of how wonderfully diverse they were.

Being a native American - with all that it entails - is a bit more than having "high cheekbones" [sic] and undocumented family lore. It must be great to claim the glory (and, potentially, steps up the ladder) without any of the downsides of actually being an actual native American.
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