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Re: TV - which socket and adapter?

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Hi all,

Wondering if anybody can help me figure out how to get my TV working in Geneva. My landlady says the subscription is included in the rent but she never bought an adapter when there was some kind of switchover? Apparently it was just a cheapie thing you could have got from Migros back in the day. I went into a MaxiDiscount electrical store to ask about this and they tried to sell me a decoder. I have three plug points in the wall: one coax, one phone (maybe?) and one that looks like a close cousin of an F connector. I'm going to try and post a picture below and hope that the forum rules allow it. Right now the TV is hooked up to the coax with no reception of any kind and my landlady is too technophobic to help further. Thanks in advance for any advice!

If your TV has an DVB-C connection then you dont need any adaptor.
Sorry its in German. Could not find in English. Explains how to set up if you have UPC. You will need one device of the 4 shown to set it up.
The subscription that your landlady refers to is is only for the use of the 3 point plug. Not sure if you get free TV without a UPC contract. Check here if you have a fibre connection
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