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Re: Contract Termination & Replacement Tenant, Should I advertise my contract conditi

Rents only have to be lowered due to a lower interest rate no earlier than the first possible cancellation date of which the cancellation period has not yet started.
I know this, in my case I am way ahead of the notice period. My new contract term starts in October 1st 2019 and my notice period is 3 months.

So depending on your contract it might well be that they have to pay the high rate for another year.
I know.

Also a landlord can depending on the situation/contract perhaps counter this partly or whole with raises for other reasons. So you cannot advertise with a lower rent since you have no guarantee about this unless you get things in writing from the landlord.
I also know that but very unlikely my landlord can give good reasons (e.g. proofs) to content that since no improvements have been done in my apartment nor in the building, and since I am quite ahead of time I have time to raise it to mediation.

What you need to do is asap send a letter to ask for the reduction due to the change of interest rate so when asked about you can tell that this already is being handled.
This is what I want to do as soon as I get my mortgage loan and initiate with the notary, which I estimate takes place mid November. As I will take the apartment only in beginning of April'19, time is my friend in this regards too.

If you have trouble finding somebody for a takeover you could think of giving them a cash bonus when they sign to cover for the high rent.

I personally would not take your apartment if I for the next 8 months would have to pay lets say 300,- more compared to taking another equal apartment in your neighbourhood. However if you hand me the difference or part of it and tell me the procedure has been started I become much more likely to take over.
Good suggestion and in my case the procedure of getting a calculated lower rent is likely to be settled.

I also know that the landlord is not forced to accept the new tenant under the same contract terms (which I think is not in their interest), it is just an easier way for me to get a replacement tenant to legally get me out of the hook.
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