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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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How could it not be a mental issue? there must be something seriously wrong in your head when you do something. Anger doesn't explain it.
Ok, so the guys who flew airplanes into the World Trade Center, etc - were they mentally ill? Is the requirement for a terrorist mental illness? Obsession, yes, but that's not necessarily a mental illness. Neither is Sociopathy - which suggests a lack of integration, but not necessarily a mental illness.

This event is motivated by anger and politics. Not mental illness. It's domestic terrorism. It's different. Why is it that the mental illness theory is more available to you in memory than the politically motivated terrorist? Because that's what is filtered down and presented in the media via political groups. That's the easy explanation.

Two problems with it - it's a lazy explanation. How many of these people are convicted on the basis of mental disease and defect? Think about McVeigh - the Oklahoma city bombing. Was he mentally ill?

The second problem is the marginalization of people with mental illnesses.

But if any of you are experienced in psychiatric diagnoses, then please, show me I am wrong. I'm interested to learn.
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