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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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It's a fair point, well made. When he was elected I read all the analysis, disaffected underclass, politically marginalised, ignored by the elites, blah blah, yup it all made sense. Probably a much needed wake-up call for US politics. But here we are, scandal after scandal, ignorance piled on ignorance, lie upon easily disprovable lie, billionaires lining their pockets at the expense of their base who can't see they are being fleeced. Michael Moore commented in an interview recently that if you are still supporting trump after all thats happened you are lost, theres no reaching you. Thats how I feel, to quote an (American) friend "America is over". All I can do is grab the popcorn and watch the show, well I also carefully checked my wife's gigantic ballot paper, but mostly it's just popcorn and laughing(manically sometimes) at the absurdity.
Long live the USA-was nice while it lasted!
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