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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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Using this logic we can also agree that serial killers, who many a time are also calm, premeditated and methodical in comiting each and every murder, are the antithesis of deranged*.... The fact that he's also a narcissistic, glory hunter is just "Beilage"...anyway, I'm afraid he was way out of that area where he could be defined as an angry person.

*wait, this is exactly what our "celeb" wanted to do...

I am sorry, but only a very ignorant person would put all mental illnesses in the same pot. I don't see how taking into consideration a mental illness can be seen as marginalising or stigmatising. Seriously?

A psychopath is not necessarily an irrational, delirious person, lacking any social grace. There's a whole literature on psychotic pathologies, let's see what the investigators will come up with. He'll be assessed by some experts. Meantime, trying to imply it's a bad thing to even mention that is not nice...

There‘s a fair amount of epidemiological and psychiatric literature suggesting that mental illness does not predict violent behavior. To the extent that mental illnesses are breeding grounds for terrorism and violence, that causal relationship has not been satisfied. And continuing to link violent behavior with mental illness increases stigma and marginalization.

What does link to violent behavior is substance abuse, previous episodes of violence, disruptive living situations.

But honestly, when one is called ignorant, what‘s the point of even continuing.

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