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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I replied to your

"No Cantons allow Tax Forfait for companies, [..]
All companies will pay Federal Tax on top of this."

a claim that is just plain false. There's that.
Which part do you believe is false. I will confess, I read that all companies, regardless of cantonal/council rates have to pay Federal tax - I could imagine I am wrong on this.

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I don't remember ever being able to write so eloquently, I maintained both personal & corporate tax deals are done, which clearly they are.
Your claim 'No Cantons allow Tax Forfait for companies' is false

Edit I see Urs Max has cleared this up already
Tax Forfait is a very specific term which applies to Personal Tax only. It still involves paying a lump sum instead of the normal tax rates.

Companies might be able to have specialized (or no) tax in specific Gemeindes / Cantons, where their presence benefits local workers, but this is by no means Tax Forfait.
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