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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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You know full well that's not all it was about. You know full well that Wilders wanted the Netherlands to leave the EU. You will also know full well that the Netherlandscurrent stance on advisory referendums.
Than you should also know that the referendum itself had nothing to do with the Netherlands leaving or not. The referendum could change nothing on the Netherlands being a member or not since A: it was not part of the question. B: It had no power. People making the discussion wider does change nothing on that.

Also Yeah, Wilders wants out of the EU so what? He is only backed-up by a minority and had nothing to do with the Referendum itself besides him being one of the many parties who made their opinion clear.

The referendum also clearly showed the state of the Dutch politics, party's who said they would bind themselves to the outcome said later when they found out it was not the answer they wanted "The people did not vote for what they actually wanted" "people did not understand this" and other one-liners that spat us in the face. And they cancelled even the advisory referendum after they learned that the population does not always agree with them and that it might hurt politically if this is shown with hard numbers.
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