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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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Are you capable of original thought? Or just a bloody parrot?

How about you stick to the point, would you be happy to have some of these migrants come and live with you?

Pray tell, what need for an original thought when you're so easy to wind up with the unoriginal ones?

however to parrot what everyone else is saying, tell me more about these migrants of which you ask. Are they nice? are they criminals? drug dealers? pharmacists? doctors? other professionals? do they have obnoxious children or loud pets or vice versa? do they have week-long parties and will they invite me? do they keep themselves to themselves? Really without more information I can't help you out.

Anyway, I answered your deflection, now respond to 22Yards point, which was the original point you failed to stick to. I'll wait.

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