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Re: Gossip about British Television Shows, Soaps and Series

Everyone is raving about the QUEEN film, Bohemian Rhapsody, which I want to go and see myself too! That goes without saying!

Proud I am that, the film being such a blockbuster there are three connections to my fave soap!!

Ben Hardy who plays Roger Taylor, used to play on EE the last casting incarnation, Ian Beale's son Peter (now allegedly living in NZ)

Ace Bhatty, who plays Freddie's Dad in the film, played Zainab Masood's first hubby in the soap.

And a bit far fetched, another relation to QUEEN...Brian May is married to Anita Dobson, who played the marvellous, long suffering Angie Watts. My fave landlady of the vic. Closely followed by Peggy 'GETOUTTAMYPUB' Mitchell.
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