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Re: Why does Amazon shun Switzerland?

Ilm not sure if it's been mentioned already, but now that Amazon are deaking with Swiss VAT they also seem to be deducting the VAT in the country where you're buying from.

Perhaps this shouldn't be a surprise, but it means that for many things it may now be better to get them delivered directly to CH even though we've still got a French address (which we've always used for deliveries before) and even when it may mean missing out on free postage within France.

It's not obvious, mind, and had me quite puzzled when I ordered something yesterday. Was 144eu with free delivery in France, so I selected the Swiss address just to see how much the postage would be only too see the base price reduced tp eu120 on the invoice, with eu11 import charges added (postage was still free as it happens). I thought there was an error until I realised that they'd just dropped the price by the equivalent in the French VAT.

Oh, and yes, we got a tracking number, just as we always do with Amazon.
Yes tracking number when Amazon delivers but with other suppliers not always. And when a packet dissapears and no tracking number then its a big problem-

PS. And would you blieve the only place I found Vegemite was on Amazon. And I received it yesterday.
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