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Re: Why does Amazon shun Switzerland?

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That is what happens when you treat your employees badly, they have zero incentive to work harder for you and the time demands on delivery staff are already pretty tough. A postman has precisely 90 seconds allocated for each parcel delivery. They used to have time to deliver the post to the front doors of elderly folk and often have a quick chat, especially appreciated by those with mobility issues. This often meant they would get a gift at Christmas from the customers who were happy with the service. It was also a human interaction for isolated seniors and served to make sure they were ok, if there was no response, the postman would maybe even go back later to make sure the person was ok. All that is not possible anymore, little cost savings that have unexpected ripple effects.
Saw your reply to my post only just now. Yep, I agree with you. While the service to take nespresso-capsuls back kind of made sense to me when it started, the clothes collection didn't really as there are collection points you can throw them in any time you like. So after I noticed, the postman didn't like providing this new service, I stopped putting the bags out for him.
I remember thinking "next time they'll tell the employees to pick up the trash while here".
On the other hand the post has a lot of competition these days and looks for new income sources, which is more intelligent than moaning.

Most of "my" post-staff is still cheerful though, having a short laugh - or sometimes a quick moan - when delivering.

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Has anyone noticed in the last 6 months that when you select an
ITEM more and it the vendor DOES NOT SHIP to swiss... I wanted to
order some projectors absolutely 30+ vendors I searched refused to
ship to swiss...

Last year it was just a few vendors on amazon .de .fr. .es etc
that refused to ship.. now its like 80% plus of them...
How to order things?

Is there some way to filter Vendors ONLY that ship to Swiss?

Nope, I did not notice an increase.
They probably all don't know where "Swiss" is. Neither do I actually.

Solution: Register with a post-service company, in your case in France. I do this with one in Germany. Simples.
It's all a matter or perspective.
So move your butt and look at it from the other side
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