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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Wow, you beat me to it - 'sincere' wow. He is an inveterate compulsive liar and opportunist of the worst possible kind!

In the meantime, a good article today in The Guardian, about scape goat Theresa May- and her opponents having not a single valid solution of their own.
Don't particularly like the woman, but she has earned my respect over past few months, and she is certainly the very best of a very bad bunch.

Mrs May is in an impossible position, because a good Brexit never existed outside the glib fantasies of its proponents. There has never been a deal available that would allow the United Kingdom to continue to enjoy all the many benefits of its partnership with the European Union, as the Brexiters once promised, from the outside. As Iíve remarked before, any deal negotiated by any prime minister was bound to be suboptimal, because there are no terms more favourable to Britain than those that it currently enjoys as a member of the EU. There never was some tremendous bargain there to be struck if only Mrs May had had the wit to spot it. From the start, she has been choosing between varieties of the inferior. And where she has made mistakes, they have flowed not from betraying the hard Brexiters but from doing their bidding and seeking to appease them.

It is now nearly 30 months since the referendum, with fewer than five to go before Britain is due to leave. If there were some smart solution to Brexit, we are entitled to wonder why the Brexiters have never revealed it to the rest of us. They have been florid in their denunciations of Mrs Mayís ideas without once producing a plan of their own that passes the most basic tests of viability. Michael Gove, purportedly the cleverest of their number, has been reduced to arguing that the cabinet should swallow whatever terms Mrs May can cobble together in the hope of having another go at some unspecified date in the future.

In the meantime, 4 more Ministers are about to quit- and the EU has rejected the latest plan - quite rightly - as it does not solve the Irish Border issue, and is still having cake and eat it.
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