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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

The internet chicken point of view stems from this post earlier in the thread:

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The government voted on BREXIT & passed a law, so they know EXACTLY what they want & that's to leave on 31 March 2019.

I don't see many starving poor people, the population is somewhat overweight which would imply people can afford to eat more than they need which puts unnecessary strain on the NHS so double whammy.
At the time I asked how this is relevant to Brexit and leaving the UK but you just pressed on with...

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Cheap convenience food is not 'cheap'.........., the 'poor' are able to waste money on convenience food. A higher proportion of lower income people buy lottery tickets & smoke.
Still not seeing how Brexit is going to change this behaviour. Are you saying that convenience food will get more expensive whilst fresh (in this case for argument's sake) internet chicken will get cheaper so the lazy people can suddenly become less lazy, cook fresh and therefore maintain a healthy NHS-free existence?

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I am seeing 2.75 online, rather than the 3.00 I claimed, thank you for pointing out I was overestimating the cost. Add peas & potatoes then your meal will cost under 1.00 a head including electricity. Of course convenience food also needs electricity to be warmed up.

Cooking in an oven will cost about 30p, cooking in a microwave about 3p or an additional 1%. The issue is people got lazy & can AFFORD processed & fast food.
It comes to something when the argument for Brexit gets so far backed into a corner that disproportionate importance is placed on basically a few coppers of difference in fresh vs convenience food.

Seems to be as an appropriate metaphor as any at this stage.
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