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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Sainsbury's also reduces short dated stock, that 2.75 chicken will seem like a real bargain. M&S used to just throw their old food stock at closing times, hardly surprising people were waiting, no doubt pesky EU H&S laws prevents this today.

I have established that a fresh meal with meat can be produced for 1 per head per meal, therefore a minimum pay worker could feed his family of 4 on two meals a day for just over 1 hours work a day. Hardly surprising that over 50% of the poor can afford to own, insure & tax cars.
Again - what does this have to do with Brexit? You are using some irrelevant information about cheap internet chickens as some justification for leaving the EU.

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How magnanimous of you. Surely the correct response would have been, “how brave of you to admit you were wrong first time around”?

Even if there would be second vote, it’s comments like this that prove that this damage isn’t goimg away anytime soon.
What's magnanimous got to do with it? The guy spent six months sharing Britain First and EDL guff, voted Brexit, apparently regretted it, and started sharing Peoples Vote guff. Typing “how brave of you to admit you were wrong first time around” as a comment on his FB share sounds unbelievably Alan-Partridge-level patronising and a tiny bit wanky. Seriously, is that what you would have written..?
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