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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

What's magnanimous got to do with it? The guy spent six months sharing Britain First and EDL guff, voted Brexit, apparently regretted it, and started sharing Peoples Vote guff. Typing “how brave of you to admit you were wrong first time around” as a comment on his FB share sounds unbelievably Alan-Partridge-level patronising and a tiny bit wanky. Seriously, is that what you would have written..?
No, because I don’t agree with holding a second vote until the outcome of the first vote has been carried out. In your position I probably would have written it, either that or said nothing.

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The funny thing with many Brexiteers is that they're still banging on about "Don't call us stupid! Don't call the people stupid!" whilst also making the point that "There could never be a second referendum because the question on the ballot paper would be too complicated". It's multi-level irony.
It wouldn’t be too complicated, it’d just split the leave vote so the U.K. would end up staying in the EU.

My point with Sandgrounder is how are you supposed to repair the divide and move on if you keep rubbing into people’s faces? You should be happy for examples like this as it shows, on a very small scale that you’ve won the argument. Someone who voted leave now wants a second vote, isn’t that a victory?
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