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Re: Vinyl records - where can I sell my collection?

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How about: this, this and this ?
You gave 3 links.

2 are for a single buy of a new item, you want to sell a stack of used items, so those links are not relevant. But what they do tell us is that items get sold new for what you on average want for used ones in a stack, so your point could be that you agree that your price is to high, thanks for admitting such.

The other one is for someone selling 115 items at this moment, yet he only had 24 reviews in total over the yrs of which 12 over the past month as a seller. I'd say a lot of his adds will be disappearing without concluding a deal. So either he is overasking, or a bunch of his products are just not wanted.

As for advice: Have a look at which has a decent trade in your styles and where the not so casual collectors and traders tend to hang out, people who know more often what they are doing than Ebay buyers/sellers.
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