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Re: Vinyl records - where can I sell my collection?

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Reading this thread is making the angry teenager inside me wanna explode.

So, aladin, even I, a big fan of most of those apparently "unknown" bands, find the price way too high. Yes, these are originals and all, but even for a collector the price is too high, specially if you want to sell in a set. You might get a higher price for some individual albums, but usually one expects a discount when buying a whole set.

Remember these are relatively "new" bands in terms of vinyl. Most of these guys are alive and still producing music *checks google* yes, they seem to still be alive. Without trying to sound macabre, sometimes the price goes up once they die. So you might want to wait a bit?

I have most of these albums in mp3. Their fans are the bridge generation between the dinosaurs and the digital era, so I do have the feeling you are stuck with a fan base that might give less value to the vinyl collection. That doesn't mean you need to give up, you just need to wait because your target costumer is less common.

Oh crap, this thread made me feel like an old goth fart.

hahaha, nice comment Helm. Actually, I think you are correct and the target group is quite limited.
I hold these records for almost 30 years. There is no particular reason why I decided to offer them for sale now and not before. similarly, I can hold them for another 30 years (if I dont end in the "macabre way" by that time) , but not sure that the target group will increase. probably the other way around.

It is eventually a matter of request and demand. surely I will not be able to sell if the price is too high.
based on the other comments in this thread, I will keep checking and adjust if needed.

Again, thanks for the links and ideas. Ill try them out!
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