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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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But how could you have a say about the terms and conditions at the time of voting? This is the outcome of a negotiation process.
Precisely. But Brexiters don't seem to accept that they are powerless in the terms of the withdrawal. They voted for an in or out and they got an "out". If they wanted a more considered withdrawal without risk of it going in a direction they didn't intend, they should have voted against it.

In principle, I am not wholly against leaving the EU but this referendum was NOT the way to go about it.

It was a vanity project of Cameron to see off UKIP but it backfired because he didn't think it through.

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The best way to go is probably have no deal at all, accept a potential chaos for a while and take it up from there. Or you stay in the EU and accept that you will be the barking dog that doesn't bite.
Part of me agrees with you in a kind of "close your eyes and hold your breath" and hope for the best. At least the Brexiters would quit bleating for 5 minutes.
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