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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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But how could you have a say about the terms and conditions at the time of voting? This is the outcome of a negotiation process.

And if you would define terms and conditions as a kind of requirement at the time of voting, you would never be able to negotiate that deal as the preferred outcome would always be something much more favorable for one party than the other.

The best way to go is probably have no deal at all, accept a potential chaos for a while and take it up from there. Or you stay in the EU and accept that you will be the barking dog that doesn't bite.
Just as well the Leave campaign didn't intimate that doing an exit deal would be easy, that we had all the cards and that negotiating better deals with non-EU countries would be a piece of cake.

You conveniently miss the third option, which would have been to stay in the EU, actively engage in the democratic process there and try and improve things for everyone, rather sniping from the sidelines trying to bring in the institution down, when we should be one of the leading voices within. See for example old Nige moaning about the EU ruining the lives of British fishermen, when he was on that committee and attended something like 1 in 43 meetings of it.
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