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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

The majority of the UK public couldn't define to you what "federalised" means, so not buying that for a minute as the driving factor behind Brexit. What percentage of Leavers polled mentioned anything about "Federalisation" vs "immigration"? I'd bet more people mentioned bendy bananas than Federalisation!

Has the UK really tried reform, or has it always been one foot in, one foot out, hoping for the best? The UK has actually managed to get some decent concessions from the EU in the past, but I'm afraid we've had such a vocal Euro-sceptic wing for so long that we've never really given it a chance.
That's the single positive to come out of this agreement is that it finally knocks this whole "immigration being the reason for Brexit" on the head. If there is one thing that this exit deal delivers on, it is control of the UK borders. Yet people are furious with it.
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